Boards of Trustees

Mountain Regional Library System Board of Trustees

The Mountain Regional Library System is governed by the Georgia University Board of Regents and is overseen locally by the Mountain Regional Library System Board of Trustees. The Regional Board  meets at least 4 times per year, and is responsible for the establishment, management, and maintenance of public libraries in the counties of Fannin, Towns, and Union. The Regional Board also appoints the Director, who administers and coordinates the operation of the library within the basic goals, objectives, policies, and principles approved by the Regional Library Board.

MRLS Regional Board of Trustees

Trish Allen, Chair (Union County)         Kaye McCann, Vice-Chair (Union County)

Fannin County – Carol Crawford, Kathleen Tickner, John Thompson, Nick Wimberly
Towns County – Holly Tiger,    Barbara Hale,   Shirley Miller,   Judy Slaton
Union County –  Stacey Head   

FY22 Meeting Dates
Wednesday, July 28, 2021   Mountain Regional Library – 10:00 am
Wednesday, October 27, 2021   Union County Library – 10:00 am
Wednesday, January 26, 2022   Fannin County – 10:00 am
Wednesday, May 19, 2022   Towns County Library – 10:00 am

Regional Board of Trustees Agenda & Meeting Minutes
FY22 Board Agendas & Minutes

July 28, 2021: Agenda / Minutes

October 27, 2021: Agenda / Minutes

January 26, 2022: Agenda / Minutes

May 18, 2022: Agenda / Minutes

FY20 Board Agendas & Minutes

August 12, 2019: FY20 Regional Agenda 8-19  / Minutes

November 14, 2019: Agenda /FY20 Regional Board Minutes 11-19

February 14, 2020: FY20 Regional Agenda 2-20  / Minutes

June 13, 2020: FY20 Regional Agenda 6-20   / FY20 Regional Board Minutes 6-20

Mountain Regional Library System Constitution and By-Laws

MRLS and its member libraries are all governed by the Boards of Trustees. The Boards of Trustees establish and maintain the System-wide and individual Constitutions and Bylaws. The Constitution contains the fundamental principles which govern our operations. The Bylaws establish the specific rules of guidance by which the system is to function.

County Boards of Trustees

Nick Wimberly, Chair
Carol Crawford, Vice-Chair

Katy Holloway       Kathleen Tickner
Patty Hampton       Ron Bolin
John Thompson     Debi Holcombe

FY22 Meeting Dates
July 21
, 2021           1:00 PM
October 21, 2021    1:00 PM
January 20, 2022   1:00 PM
April 21, 2022         1:00 PM
The Board of Trustees normally meets in the Jury Room on the 3rd floor of the Fannin County Courthouse.

Shirley Miller, Chair
Judy Slayton, Vice Chair

Dionne Berrong
Jerry Taylor
Holly Tiger
Paula Whitehead

FY22 Meeting Dates
July 20, 2021         10:00 am – MRL
October 19, 2021   10:00 am – TCPL
January 18, 2022  10:00 am – MRL
April 19, 2022        10:00 am – TCPL
The Towns County Board of Trustees usually meets at either the Towns County Public Library or the Mountain Regional Library.

Patricia Allen, Chair
Stacy Head, Vice-Chair

Kaye McCann
Jordan Rogers
Rhonda Colwell

FY22 Meeting Dates
July 15, 2021             5:00 PM
October 14, 2021     5:00 PM
January  13, 2022   5:00 PM
April 14, 2022         5:00 PM
Union County Library Board of Trustees meets in the library community room.